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Interboro Getting Started Guide

Please follow these steps in order to learn how to make the most of your classroom website(s). 

Type <<>> in the address bar at the top of your internet browser, and then click “Go” or press “Enter” to access the page.  Please remember that your SchoolFusion system is accessible via ANY computer with an Internet connection.

User name: Your EMAIL ADDRESS (or username if different)
Password: please contact if you do not know your password

Find the login box, where you will see spaces to login labeled User Name/Email and Password.  Place your username in the space labeled Email/Username.  Place your password in the password space.  Please note that your username and password are case-sensitive, so please make sure your caps lock key is not on.

Once you successfully login, “Welcome (Your first name)” will appear on the left side of the page under the mini calendar.  Click on “My Personal Settings.”  
Please make sure your name is correct, if it is not then please correct it now.

Please update your email address, then click the "Change Information"  button.  Once the information has been changed, “Personal information updated” will appear at the very top of your page.

STEP 4-CHANGING YOUR PASSWORD (This is for security)
Now you need to change your password.  You MUST complete this step for security purposes.  Type in your new password in the space next to “New Password:”, then type it in again, exactly the same, next to “Confirm Password:” Be sure to click the   button.  Once the password has been changed, your will see a  “Password updated” message confirming the update.

Now that you have updated your personal information, it is time to setup your classroom. 

Under “My Groups” you will see a list of the classrooms for which you are the administrator.  Click on a classroom name to go directly to the classroom. 

If you do not see your classroom listed please email your SchoolFusion Administrator (Bill Pullin) with the necessary information (class Name etc).

You have the ability to customize what appears on your classroom page. 

Click on the red ”Update Class Configuration” at the top right side of your page. 

Under “General Information” on the left side of the “Class Configuration” page, make any corrections to your “Class Name” and “Instructor Name,” and then click  the   "Update General Information" button.


To return from the Update Configuration page to your home page, click on Back to class home  on the top right side of the page.

You should now be looking at your home page, with red links in various places.  Only you as an administrator of the site can see these red links.   Your students cannot see them. 

To add your class description, just click on the red link that says “Add Class Description” in the upper left corner of your classroom.  Enter a sentence or 2 about your class in the box, then click the  "Add Description"  button.  You will now see your description appear on your homepage.  It’s as simple as that.

Any picture representing the theme of your class may be posted here. There are lots of free pictures available on the Internet, or you can use a digital photo. To add an image that is already on your computer, simply click on the red link that says “Add Class Picture”. Click on the button that says "Browse" then find the image name on your computer (allowed image types end with .jpg or .gif), click on the image, then click on "Open."  Click on the
"Add a Picture"  button and your image will then appear on your website.
We recommend uploading pictures less than 50KB.  Pictures can be reduced in size and memory through any picture software. 

To search for an image on the Internet, go to Click on Images and type in a word related to what you are searching (ie Math). When you see an image you like, click on it, then click on See full-size image. Right click (use the right mouse button to click) on the image and choose "Save Picture As" Click in the top box next to where it says "Save in:" and find "Desktop." Type the name of your image and hit the "Save" button. Follow the directions above to then add this picture to your SchoolFusion website.

Please do not use copyrighted materials found on the Internet (such as cartoon characters owned by Disney or Nickelodeon), as this is considered infringement.

Also, please check with your school administration on their policies before posting images including students.

To add a class Announcement, click on the red link that says “Add Announcement.” Enter a title for the announcement, plus optional text and a picture.  Announcements should be important or fun news for your students and parents (ie – Next Tuesday is class picture day – dress nicely!) Don’t forget to click on the “Add Announcement" button to save.

The Announcements area also has advanced features. To access these, click on the blue “Add Advanced Announcement” prior to adding copy to your announcement. The title, body and picture areas are all the same, however, there is a feature here that allows you to choose start and end dates for each announcement to appear on your site. This allows you to schedule announcements for the whole term or year at the start! 

The other advanced feature here is the checkbox next to "Also show at top of page:" When this is checked, this announcement will appear both in the announcements area of your website, and along the top of your site within a blue banner.

Once you have more than one announcement in the announcement area, small up and down blue arrows will appear  . Clicking on these will change the order in which the announcements appear by moving an announcement up or down the list.

To post a homework assignment, click on the red “Add Assignment” button on the right hand side of your class site.  Enter the assignment name, the due date and an optional description, then click on the  "Click here to add Assignment"  button.

You have the additional option of allowing your students to submit their homework online by just checking the box  Allow students to submit homework online. 

When you add a homework event to your website, it automatically appears in your class calendar. (And also automatically appears on the personal calendar for all the students in your class).

Events such as field trips, test dates etc. can be added to your website. To add an event, just click on the red “Add Event”. Add in the applicable details (below) then click the “Add Event” box
• Name: A name for your event (this field must be filled in to add an event).
• Date: the date on which it will take place
• Times: choose from one of the following options:
• Event has a time specific start & end times for the event can be entered
• Event has no time
• Event lasts all day
• Summary: a one line summary of your event. This summary will pop us when students move the mouse over the event in the calendar.
• Description: a more detailed description of your event
• Contact: add a person's name & info if there is a contact for this event
• Link: if there is a link or a url for the event, it should be entered here.
• Email Notification: If you would like an email to go out notifying members of this event, check this box. You can choose if the notification should go out Immediately or at a specified period of time before the event (1 hour, 1 day, 4 days, etc.)
• Accept RSVPs:Checking this box allows you to send out an invitation, accept RSVPs and place a limit on attendance for this event.
• Repeat Event: If an event exists on multiple days throughout the year, this option allows you to repeat the event daily, weekly or monthly until a specified end date. Choosing No Repeat from the drop down menu will put the event in only once.

You can post handouts and other documents, and organize them into folders. This saves time and paper photocopying class handouts and other information.  Plus, if a student is absent, they can access the classwork. 

To post a file, click on the red “Add File” link.  Then click on the “Browse” button, and locate the Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF (scanned) document on your computer.  Click on Open, then the "Add File" button. 

We DO NOT recommend uploading very large documents or PowerPoint presentations, because users with slow Internet connections will not be able to download them.

Please note, you may also arrange files into folders, make files active or inactive, and change the sort order.

STEP 13-CHANGING THE TITLE OF A FEATURE (click on the yellow pencil)
You can also change the title of each of the features on your class site. To change the title of an area, just click on the yellow pencil   next to the section name. 

Let’s try it.  Click on the yellow pencil   next to “Class Announcements”.  Erase the words Class Announcements in the box, and type in what you want it to say (i.e. 3rd Grade News, Mrs. Smith’s Announcements, etc.)  Then click on "Edit Title"  .  You will see your new title appear on your homepage.

Under “Miscellaneous Options” on the left side of the “Class Configuration” page, click on “Background and sound of class pages.”  Choose one of our preformatted seasonal backgrounds, then click "Add Background" .  You may also add sounds from this page if you wish.

Empty areas on your class website don’t look very nice, so we’ve made it really easy to turn features off that you aren’t using.  In addition, there are other options that may be turned on.

On the right hand side of the “Class Configuration” page, you will see “Class Settings.”  This is a list of all the possible features for your classroom page.  Roll your mouse over the   to find out a little bit more about each feature. 

You can turn features on and off from here by clicking on the yellow pencil   next to the feature name.  

Let’s try it.  Click on the yellow pencil   next to “Message Board”.  Click the circle next to “Message Board is turned off.”  Then click on the “Click here to edit Message Board configuration” button. 

Now click on the yellow pencil   next to “Class Links.”  Click on the circle next to “Only Class Administrators can create links.”  Now click on the “click here to edit Class Links configuration” button.  In the top right corner, click on the blue “Back to Class Home.”  You should now see that “Class Links” appears on your home page, but “Class Message Board” does not.

Please note that the “Class Settings” section of your Update Class Configuration page allows you to turn each of these settings on or off.  To add information to any of the sections, you must click on “Back to Class Home” on the upper right side, and add information from your class page (see Steps 8-12).

Here is more information about optional features you can use on your class site:

Class Contacts
This is not meant for your class list, it is intended as the place to post other contacts that your class might need, such as a class mom or a speaker that came to do a presentation for your class.

Class Schedule
This is more appropriate for middle and high school classes when students change teachers and only have certain classes on certain days and times.  Most elementary and middle school teachers turn this off.  If you have a grid-type schedule, you can upload this as a document in your files section.

Class Message Board
This allows your students to have threaded discussions about topics of your choice. As the administrator, you have the authority to easily delete inappropriate commentary; however, we have setup the system so students must be logged in to be able to post, so that discourages misuse.

Class Tasks
This allows you to post tasks (ie water the plants, clean the board, complete a project) that are either assigned to a student or left open for students to volunteer.

Class Links
This allows you to post links to approved websites that might be helpful for class members, such as a site about Greek Mythology for a World History class.

Class Webpages
This allows you (and/or students) to create simple class webpages that are linked to your main class site using one of several easy-to-use templates.  This is a great way to post pictures or showcase students’ work.

Class Quizzes
This allows you to create interactive timed quizzes for your students to complete online. You can create and store an unlimited number of questions, sort the questions by category, and compile a database of questions to create different quizzes year to year. You can set the number of seconds a student has to answer a question, the number of questions per quiz and the points each question is worth. You can enter additional information to appear after they answer, so if the student gets a wrong answer, he/she understands a little more about the topic.

The software will automatically keep track of all students' scores and compile the information.


Please navigate through the website and join any departments/groups/sports that you belong to. When joined an email will be sent to the website administrator.

The website administrator will assign a primary contact who will take charge of that particular department, group or sport. This will typically take 48 - 72 hours.  

Those of you that teach specials classes, such as Music, Art, Computers, P.E., or Middle or High School, probably teach many different groups of students within the school.  Although you could maintain a separate classroom website for each grade or class you teach, we have a simpler solution. 

You can create sections within a single classroom, to allow separate information for each.  Sections within a classroom allow you to add information to a single section, or all sections at once, saving you time.

First, let’s turn on sections.  Click on the red “Update Class Configuration” link on the upper right side of the page.  On the left side under “Miscellaneous Options” the third option is “Create sections for this class.”  Click on this.  You will receive a warning notice at this point, reminding you that creating sections will delete the members of your class.  The goal is to get the sections created before students are joined to the class.  Click ok.

Now click on the blue “Back to Class Home” link on the upper right side of the page.  You will get a window that says “Class Sections” at the top. 

Click the red “Create a Section” link.  Type in the name of the section in the box (ie 3rd Grade Music), then click on “Create Section.”  You will now be returned to your homepage.  Click the red “Create section” at the top to create additional sections for your class.  You can toggle between the sections of a class using the drop-down menu on the top right next to the blue “Section:”

Note: If later you should decide that you do not want to have sections in this class, you can click on the red “Update Section Configuration” link on the top right and there will be an option under “Miscellaneous Options” to “Click here to remove all sections and restore this class to its original form.”

Once you have created sections, you should add some information to see how it works.

Next to your Homework area on any one of your section home pages, click on “Add Assignment.”  You will notice that there is now an extra option at the top of the box.  It says “For section:” with a drop-down box.  

You can choose to add this assignment to all sections at once, or just to one of your sections using the drop down box.  Once you choose, type in the rest of the assignment information and click on “Click here to add assignment.” 

You can check all the section pages within your class to make sure the homework assignment was added correctly.

Your classroom website is now setup, and it should only take you a few moments each day to maintain it. 

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